Waterline Prelude  

In the Light and flipping out
maybe if i move
i can attain a different vantage
maybe if i write
i can push this light through
maybe if i’m afraid
i will find a kind of ground

there are stars in my eyes
that are trying to be released
bodies hanging on
for the ride

so could we declare
could we declare
the wisdom
of flop?

so now manifesting
crazy wisdom
in a place
excuses - senses - fried fish
your senses - you wish

everyone is a friend
especially those
who dare knoting to pretend
who play a fool, stumble for you
inflate your pride
so we can take a ride
everyone in heaven
wants it better
but for themselves - and others maybe
in heaven there is beauty
for ourselves - and others maybe

when you can flip
the self for other
when you can open
the soul space
you will find
fear dissolving
you will find
love embrace

do you wonder - how to find magic key?
if you desire - a magic key?
there is a simple feeling
even a child can follow
oh oh oh, poor me

in one feeling
inside your heart
is the true intention
all souls must start
link up with your mind
link up with your view
make the leap and realize
that another feels that two

There are times when you are crawling
lower to the ground
there are times when you are bawling
lightening tears the ground

But U will be like a river
that cuts into the ground
and you will be heading towards the ocean
to the place where fish were found

if you dare to feel
another rivers questing
U will feel a union
that no one else can take
when you offer first to others
the rivers become a lake

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