Burnin’ my Eyes


I there’s a lot of stories to be told
about how a man thinks another could be sold
or bought, or caught, or blessed, or in flying free to confess
what he saw one do to the other

for if flying is free and the view beauty
then what sight has disturbed your soul?
coming back down coming back down
flown so long I can’t even feel the ground

in artist (our test) the practical breaks
and then an angel has to tax errrr take
Measures Extreme

When gaurdians fall they all align
and feel a hangover after wine
when flying free it’s easy to forget
how much you coughed on that first cigarette
and some flyers are forever circling
a beauty that’s beyond ber-zer-kin

because what beauty knows - beauty tells
only in the figure of the shell
and down here that shell carries a terror price
because if you step off that cliff
because if you get trapped by a thermal
because if you forget - what your heart did expect
it’s time for gumbo stew ------ what?!

Gumbo was a boy who was turned inside out
all in front of his mother
the pain was intense, but in the silence
he declared he was saving another

his sister did hear and she said I declare
my brother is really another
because he’s always such a brat
and he’s always making my cat
feel like the mouse did four supper

then mother did dine on the pieces left behind
she didn’t want the family to waste
and then on the phone the girls wouldn’t leave him alone
for my brother
had turned
right sight up


Gaurdians play a painful game
but not with a knife or club
Gaurdians play a painful game
you can tell when they’ve been bitten

for every thought - it’s opposite
for every intention pure
when protecting against calamity
your thoughts become hypothetical

In the fantasy of creation
there is disturbance of fascination
and then you are smitten
by a fantasy so real
you can taste and feel
Oh God before that
Star me Kitten!

The kitten has claws and
the kitten will dig through
your skin looking for milk
and if kindness is a thing
that connects fantasy
then please - star me kitten

Every thought has a place
and every embrace
could be felt by another
coming down to the ground
you are painfully aware
of where milk and honey flows

in the youngest there’s a look
that’s beyond the divine
but also a terror that shows
so when you try to protect
remember - don’t forget!
to ask me to star you kitten!

i went on a merry-go-ride
but i felt very dizzy
my brother was thrown
into a rose bush and phoned
back to me
star me kitten!

I looked at his side
he had taken a ride
and was a bloody mess
so I watched him and then
I tried to pretend
that he never asked
to star me kitten



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