Guiding a Falling Angel    

I got the message
That you are ripping
it’s just the stars aligning
passing through
and then departing
You are not responsible
for the the things you are
like water
it will pass through you
Blessings Rain
is a bitch
fight them if they get too close
no one should take your breath away
claim your space
ground it

Below the black line
we have travelled
Below the water line
find the spirit
that called you here
you will look for familiar eyes
familiar I’s
in a glance
discover the gentleness
the caring
below the waterline
of your righteousness
shifting tides
rising & falling

There are many travelers
like songs
listen to one at a time

After the rip occurs
make gentle your seat
the aftershock
is what damages us
wide open without filters
we catch too much dust
coughing is the response
of ego to that which it confuses over ownership

You’ve always know
you are a freedom fighter
but what do you do
when asked not to fight
You have taken on a fight
That is not yours
That time is ending
but you will hear the echoes
from your throats of revenge.

At one time you went for the throat
Now your thoughts come back
to the coldest place
your desire
to steal wind
from living beings

There is no “right” speech
Remember your heritage.
Let go of your hands - which seek to strangle
Now your thoughts come back
On the waves of your anger
The physical Karma has played out
Blessings of your sweat
soaked in plaster

Now the Graspers have come
back to your throat
now is the time
to swallow your pride

When you open the door
a field of beings will rush in
but know that
we are a rainbow bridge
taking hits for you
They have to tear through us
to get to you
they can’t do it
we are together

But your thoughts -
we can’t protect you from

Get comfortable
Don’t stop finding your place
it sucks!
But don’t give
but don’t fight

Let them rip you
we are here 4U

Listen to music
smell a flower
Give up
The knife in your side

Find the water line
Where they enter you
It’s not you, it’s not a demon
But you must give up
What you can remember
It’s the past - dreams
taken on -- Give this dream up!

Linking up
You hear me now
Like before
it’s just another stop my friend
We are brought together
like on a slave ship
chains of Love

Now the Jealous ones have hit you
They are giving double messages
return to your breath
You own your breath!!
Do not be ashamed
the more you open to the breath
they will rush in to confuse you
so now

dare to be alone
don’t believe in symbols
rearrange your space
clip magazines
listen to POP music

When the insects descend
You will be ripped
you will be threshed
Do not try and fight them yourself
its pointless
give your energy
to that which you consider

Now you see the Green
blessings of flowers
balance your mind
with passing hours
Now the girl arises
who saw clear
lose - gain - refrain

Now you are passing through

The next kick back comes
everything you hear reflects on your mind
sirens, words, horns, noises

This stage is annoying
There’s not much you can do
It’s like standing in a rowboat
but you can’t go in the water
It’s annoying
just like being a Toddler

You will fall
but you are constantly picked up again
you want to crawl
but that’s impossible in a rowboat

Jump up and see farther
make your gaurdians nervous
until they give you some comfort
Or until you Enjoy the view
This is process
This is what we worked for

Drink the tea
Feel the warmth in your hand
Observe the steam
Blessings Rain

Blessings Rain
Blessings rain
East Coast
Blessings rain
West Coast
Blessings Rain
Blessings Rain
to you
Blessings Rain

chains of love
Exchanging a view
right and | or Left
Beings to you
previous vows

we are now worldwide
somewhere a crystal glass
is raised to the sun
the glass contains spring water
from a world newly begun
full hearts raised a toast
to allow a rainbow to fulfill
our hearts desire
of Love 4 all

Through time
we agreed
to come back to 3D
we’re just cleaners, just travelers

My Love to you
Another side
That in time
We Empower

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