Brother’s Kick


Oh baby throw those punches
let me know you’re there
oh darling my hunch is
you’re punching only air

when game began you declared
I was your only guy
you laughed about my exit
and swore you wouldn’ cry

well i see you holdin’ my photo
and the tears that you have shed
and darling each night I pray
that it was me that had a heart that bled

because it’s a funny kind of agreement
that keeps me in this shoe
and it’s a very real soul burnin’
that keeps me looking after you

oh don’t worry dear
i’m not the only one
the universe detests you
except for chosen ones

so hold my photo dear
hold it close to your site
and ain’t it grand sister dear
i died before i hit the black line

states of grace
is a mighty fine place
and i’d like to visit
if i get the thyme

because a line of love
will take you pretty far
but a pretty face
can capture even a star

you can call me brother dear
but to me you’re a kind of wife
or child or tyrant or fool
must be an angels life

that draws a kind of current
out of a current sea
just to watch the vapor trail
flying through loves tearz

states of grace
is a mighty fine place
and i’d like to visit
if i get the thyme

oh don’t worry dear
i’m not the only one
watchin out for you
but if you read your history books
we’ve got a job to do

Because an angel isn’t happy
when held down for too long
there’s a peculiar kind of screaming
when an angel takes a view

Oh we savved you grrl
and held you down for so long
had you in the cellar
dog life
olld yeoooooooollllwerr
was flown
and you not grown

grow in
just absorbin
the elemental poisons
transformin’, spittin’, cough-ing
love rising
through media fable
alice in wonderland

Yeah you wanteed a weeding
and attendents two
isn’t it funny when
you got what you askeeeedd four?

we told you it would hurt
and you laughed in our face
but sometimes i wonder
who hurts when the past is erased

because you are like a lamb
so frisky and care free
while i’m always chasing after you
only in your dreams do i find peace

but lately there hasn’t been much time
for our souls together to find unwind
for a star is about to fall
towards heaven and loves pull
for a star is about to fall
and capture the attention of the world

while I, simple brother, stand gaurd

born from three sisters
a new age arrives
if you are a brother
know the youngest soon will fly

because only I know
because only I know
That when Claire falls - she falls shard

Oh lord - I do remember
a peculiar september
when claire did rise
for a fall
oh lord - how they still talk
about the heights reached that time
when crystal spilled from the nectar
of the wine

and in drunken stupor
claire did eat the cake
the youngest is always given
a special time to break

Hey little birthday girl?
Why you look so glum?
are you just pouting?
until you come undone?

you know i’ve tried to throw ya
every crumb i did see
but there’s a peculiar kind type of hero
who won’t allow herself to keep

what could be given
you are driven
and when you’re knot
you know
i’ve got
your back


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