The lake is the real birth
of the soul awake and aware
for when you want to bathe
honey you don’t crave sea air

   our blood may contain iron
   and our tears like the sea
   but when you offer water
   from a lake may it be

A different kind of creature
arises after being held down
in love you are held under
not breathing yet not drowned

   By the lake lives a lady
   she’s done this all before
   taking souls across the waterline
   of the knower and the known

the most intense kind of panic
fries a common mind
that’s trapped by the slavers
that were pulling you back to slime

   so darling say you love me
   yet never did touch my form
   lover confess your lovings
   and i’ll take you beyond swarm

you feel a kind of pulling
and your heart is pulled away
and suddenly you’re living
without a thing to say

   gaze into my eyes love
   and feel with all your might
   my love for you is stronger
   then all your memories flight

there now you’ve awakened
lovely little child
there now you’ve awakened
to a love both free and wild







Satellite2000 ...||... Floating Arts Club