seeking dirt

on the dirt drinking coffee
ink flowin' like a star decayin'
faces no friends, friendly no love
the gathering of the "like" minded
i am not a "like" so ignored
they claim that ribbons make a man
and the enemies blood strengthens the clan

a long airport hall
a man taps on shoulder
there are only gates liquid
man lies down seeking dirt

after the arrogance bloomed
they shot me into space
for a while i was fascinated by blinking lights
and replaying videos of her face

no matter how long here you will
always be a stranger
i could never be a happy slave in a manger
to tell the truth i had to spit

to tell the truth i had to spit
so all the homies treat them like shit
look at that bastard - no ribbons
thought you were clever with free givin'
turns out that no one cared
writing all these lines for bored millionaires

"Let me entertain you"
"Fuck me with your costume on"
Her eyes not there, blank stares
Choosing the whore life because
Her heroes climbed poles, stripped

There are shells, there is withdrawl hell
There is a man who knows how to measure
there is a woman obsessed with treasure
there is a nation worshipping Leisure
time for those who ride floats line the street, fill the parks, observed

"well I got mine, so fuck yours"
"well he's a creep, so lock your doors"
staring at girls and droolin'
only Orion's dogs know he's not foolin'

stone coliseum

if you feel the sadness then they gather
feeling all the pain of dark matter
adjust the volume on your thoughts
you can't do it - the lobe is broken off

I say N - word
...... You say nice
I say N Word
...... You say No Nothing
I say N WORD
...... You say "Nathaniel Nathaniel
he had a groovy cockrel spaniel."
so in his own words translate 'aarrrfff!'

tease, appease, boiled canned peas
"oh mom do i have to?"
"don't you want to be big and strong?"
Can't we all just be strung along?

Meanwhile Mule pulls rope stretched tight
..... pulling float
the mathematics of your family jewels
the beans and coffee -
do you mean coffee beans?

No no, not mean, these Beans are nice!
Even at twice the price!
And the pricing is offing
and often we will remember
the smell of wool, smoke, and deep heather

Phoney people can't see phoney clouds
don't disrupt the may tricks "uh Clem" chowdah
shakey hands because of shakey feelings
wind burn dirt slap gore bullrings

the men and women in Sunday Best
walk to a stone coliseum
bull, cape, matador, swords
blood ground dirt wet sobbing
trailing ribbons bloody muddy

the men and women leaving
ribbon sacrifice complete
worship glory heaving
trading Virtue for Decaying Meat


they offer the cup
the traveller exhausted accepts

the people smile
the traveller swallows
all of their

the traveller falls ill
the people search his belongings
they make claim to various

the traveller starts to feel better
they offer the cup
the traveller drinks

feverish tossing lost then

the people smile
for in this town
they always welcome travellers

cigar talk

You say fuck this or fuck that

Junior Seagull is a Junior Senator


tired and dull makes jack a
            Kill joy

clean clean clean but - unemployed
dipped her pigtail - into the well
used to be blonde - china ink hotel


Please Bees Friend
Sulfur Tissue Mend
Weighted Tide Bend
Alacrity Steam Winged

Seagulls Cry Metal
Gin Ginger Whisper
Attendent Trifling Exertions
Carry Fennel Flowers

`'-.,_ Floating Arts Club ..,_`'-.,_.^.^.^.^

'-.,_( `'-.,_ you have everything you need-.,_( `'-.,_-.( '-.,( '-.,_( `'-.,_

         ^^      / | \
            ^^  /  |  \
               /   |   \
      ^^      /    |    \
             /     |     \
            /      |      \
           /       |       \
          /        |        \
         /         |         \
        /          |__________\   8|-                   .-''''""""-.
       /        ___|______     o   |         __       .'         @  `.
      /_______o/__________|___/|___|         \ `.   .'  .....      ___;
      \    oo    ooo oo oo         \          \  `''   ;              :
    _5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-./   ..    `---'       .' _5""-.
                                             /__.'  `-............-'
_      _      _      _      _      _      _      _
_     _     _     _     _     _     _     _
_    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _
 _       _      _       _      _      _
( `'-.,_( `'-.,( `'-.,_( `'-._( `'-.,( `'-.,
 _    _     _      _
( '-.( '-.,( '-.,_( `'-.,_                                             
asci: mjg ascii.co.uk/art/wave retrojunkie.com/asciiart/nature/oceans.htm