Sky Words

sea scroll edition

sea train

i swore i would just stand here and write
to go wordingly into that best night
sea train quatrain double proof quill
quarters rushing from a three dollar bill
i wanted to hear a hush
i felt the tremor in the thrush
every lark sang clarity
wandering hearts opportunity
skilled frills bubble colored dance floor
dizzy swing open to suggestion
its a game of scratch and chance
shiny sprigs of tender concern
discern hidden rays striding courier
calumnious Percival baskets bountiful


children took out their notebooks
so so did i
drawing pictures bridges islands sky
so so did i
pete seger grinnin’ a song
fly fly blue pie
kids pushin’ healin’ hands boundary
fly fly blue pie
a gentle man caring to describe
oh rye grow high
sojourn earns class ride
oh rye grow high

this kind of love

this kind of love
ancient yantra archetype visions
this kind of love
platform independent symbolic windy
this kind of love
gape insatiable eye aspiring
this kind of love
flicker linger recognition proportional
this kind of love
your perfume hair odyssey nurturing
this kind of love
careful scented steam rising patient
this kind of love
vege intimate greetings delighting
this kind of love
on chairs lingering over tea
this kind of love
sharing headphones forth
this kind of love
falling catch dance
this kind of love
always true
this kind of love

Vase Nature

time travelers who forgot where they from
suddenly i recall where i dwell
nature rewards those with reverence
for the way every move is a dance
door opens, man with brown suit
tacky halloween ink stains finally
conversational cover symbol attractor
hello delicate, hello detail, hello
remembrance. pizza. will they win?
they walk with umbrella & open the door
man with bag on his shoulder, black and
white attire, opens door one handed
profile of soul through window
water breaking view unfolding air
swimming water other just above
vast vase nature receptive offers
choices to those who can, listen
man with white work jacket walks outside
when being pulled on prepare to push
off those who try to show, respect as
forceful remonstration
the rain remembers
how october became september
time traveling heroic observers

Advice you didn’t ask for

so i’ve been spending time writing by hand in my notebook
which hasn’t left much time for blog writing
but to tell you true

even though others will try and pull you back
keep going forward
they will threaten you, try to make you feel guilty, probe poke and plunder

keep going forward
stroll if you can, crawl if you must
and if crawling - laugh at the absurdity
take some comfort in being closer to the earth
closer to where roots grow

they will call you, try to trick you, try to remind you
of something they tried to create in you
keep going forward
your heart is good
it is good precisely because you feel
and in that feeling you know something that is deeper and clearer
then all the screaming lies that try to bury themselves in you

keep going forward
even when you are slipping back
or in despair or hopeless or numb
all of these, small lessons in a lifetime


The lake is the real birth
of the soul awake and aware
for honey when you want to bathe
you don’t crave sea air

our blood may contain iron
and our tears like the sea
but when you offer water
from a lake - may it be

A different kind of creature
arises after being held down
in love you are held under
not breathing yet not drowned

By the Lake lives a Lady
she’s done this all before
taking souls across the waterline
of the knower - and the known

the most intense kind of panic
fries a common mind
that’s been trapped by the slavers
that were pulling you back to slime

so darling say you love me
yet never did touch my form
and lover confess your lovings
and i’ll take you - beyond swarm

you feel a kind of pulling
and your heart is pulled away (shhhhhh)
and suddenly you’re living
without a thing to say

gaze into my eyes love
and feel with all your might
my love for you is stronger
then all your - memories flight

there now you’ve awakened
lovely little child
there now you’ve awakened
to a love both - free and wild
free and wild
free and wild


Limber stretch summer
vague ornery roots hair catches on
lies made from parsnip memory, to
a bet someone befit a maid, two babies
thrown grown asleep wake to annoy

feed yo self, lean and feed, stare and seed
over lord, over you, over view
stares down, phony bubble voice back up
limps for broken mama bird gambit

“…been studying gambits for nary nine,
oh so mary.”

Grips nuzzle nape, old soft shoe dandy
…..knows how to work the crowd
“Do i want to go sailing?” incessant space
invader as adult as invasive child, wanting
vocalization space activation false alarms
waving turning riding the wheels
class visualization immaculate quarter thievery

and still they dance swinging on door handles
background din dims then upswing ringing

Nude Morning

( Pt 1 )

yellow amazement
turned quarter o’clock rattle tish hum
gather gather, look down, look around
jump to the loo, who whips a rope
and we jump to the rhythm
back to the rhyme
some of the diamond encrusted
blood proof that the lawyer signed for the song

tweets and beats and hearts and missed appointments
and dandied apples floating in a barrel
can you believe they rode barrels. down. falls?

oh and we’re back gone long from here
a drink. a shot. an excuse.
an alibi. a retreat. a noose.

talk about glib compensations past
chatter through a forest up to your ass
tingey lovey dovey paramecium
rattling rafters lifting the proscenium

( Pt 2 )

Greek alexanders brandy snifter magnate
tried to ignore you then showed up late
shout box link farm trippin’ fantastiks
gear socks grind core lollobrigida nicks

people wander past looking looking
somewhere a woman is cooking cooking
healing magnets attraction severe
i confessed i never shot a deer

the slower you write - the heavier the scribe
exciting rants make them feel alive
turn on a twister, dorothy got bonked
never could hang with eric’s dave van ronk!

skiing the certs, you start to squirt, now you’re free of fear
over the road, ambition showed, now you polka tears
show to a go, she hopes you’re moe
i’ve got saying to nod, am i clod?
lewd lorning!
gooed gorning!
nude morning!


get off with your bleacher skinz
rhythm motion she let me in
always fighting the toxins
yes i’m a great - american

got the slurpee super sized
got the friendly fruit flies
around in a circle so docile
had rhymes for Buffy 2 beguile

yeah i never - pay my rent
buster its most - expedient
that hubba it came , smoked, and went
got no car - you can’t find a dent

you sneaked back to a school yard
momma said chile don’t study too hard
but then that book of magic did free
radical dawn - awakens in thee

cuz i gotta urge five fathoms deep
and i go far every time i sleep
if to sleep, perchance to dream
pulled a thread - nightingale - seam

sun down! sun up!
pretty girls buy make up!
stroll to - then fro
pretty girls like eskimos

always with the willy nilly
tried to make it with a girl named gilly
joker strains for the next punchline
stage light cue: “seven eight nine”

oh so mio - the trumpets blow
caught me by surprise - pussy in tow
if i take a breath - would you kiss me slow?
belly like a bandit - going gone go

and then the violins did wing
and all the choir childs sing
scales of a dragon shed gerthlump
rode out of town on a heffalump

sun down! sun up!
pretty girls buy make up!
stroll to - then fro
pretty girls kiss eskimos

peach core cream queen trip out make a scene
mixed nuts - lighten up - dank mud - glub glub
left behind - heart sings - stars wink

do ya think?

Universal Beggars

dog carrying secrets of aspiration
joyful slavery flipping the master
who trips over leash, likes the feel
of polyester clinging secret skin tightening

around the corner abandoned
nothings scrubbed fur shedding
eyes bred look beg fashioned alert
cut of hair, warp, barking woof

successful game soon to lose
house stacked, trucks move
labors denied cling to sheets crumbling
staring for hours - clouds, dirt stains

go new relaxing selfing explore carnival
buffed in journey, huff up the hill
control the brakes we’re goin’ down
at home dog runs in circles desperate

if you give a parakeet she’ll tweet
beauty begs you to be cautious and discreet
negotiating the curtains of your room in
shimmer of doubt, babel illumine

make the connect up the hill
grin sequin smile pearls
that which was impediment spent
nostalgia creeping malevolent

well groomed, well coiffed, well drilled
gusher furnishes beer for coked shills
mass is gravity is orbit spectacular
my swagger sings universal vernacular


Foggy wistful purple
curious gentle espresso
curve of cup ~ my palm
round my eye ~ your plum

in a moment ~ where forget
my heart ~ your hands ~ held it
breathing in the charms of you
running free ~ a doe bursts through

in a moment ~ feelings past
spell is broken ~ as it is cast
dans cette danse ~ douleur oubliée
avec toi ~ mon coeur ~ guérit

Foggy wistful purple
curious gentle espresso
curve of cup ~ my palm
round my eye ~ your plum

The table next to me speaks the francais amour
i am alone, mumbling espresso
my heart is larger then mer salée (salty sea)
my spirit with you enchanté

i must go now i feel it
my tears will never be enough to heal it
it is this heart ache we embrace
my hands discard the cup that reflects your grace

======= notes =======

dans cette danse ~ douleur oubliée
(in this dance - sorrow forgotten)

avec toi ~   mon coeur  ~  guérit
(with you, my heart, heals)

mer salée
(salty sea) 

i want to go to drink and draw

so there’s like these guys chatting and
somewhere hear a girls voice and
somewhere girls with sweaty armpits dig in the dirt, and
somewhere new born chicks fluffy coats growing, and
somewhere humble people wander halls of power, and
somewhere the boundaries of conversations mix with
wine soaked breezing gambits conversation

thanks be to city smoke, tobacco amazons,
throughly entranced with conversation as reassuring tones tinged with
ridiculous side trips

young men and their vanities
blue velvet erik satie voices
empty cup
want a beer
don’t want to leave
sweat drips on my skin, cooled by
falling privately under my shirt

true cig gathering now coughing but its like
a childs laughter

the plot

its all a plot…. of earth
its all a conspiracy… of morons
its all in the cards… stacked deck
“its all right man”… dennis hopper r.i.p.
its all an illusion… pay the toll
its all up to me…. friar fleed
its all up to you… privileged view

man holds electrical cord
la pixels en trance
man serves the screens
la pixels she dance


oh miles, oh orbits, oh home
oh sleepless nights sweating wake wet
sheets dry all day while pedal push
sidewalk street rattle jump fly
down sandy boulevard, past
“Frolics” video and lingerie show, past
“Pirates Cove” where they dance inside building shaped like a jug of moonshine, past
the industrial monument to displaced residents storage, past
the whole foods empty aisles employees so bored they prowl for customers of forgotten wines, past
the vintage stores
and then
and then
i was suffused with rose petals

Portland Dispatch #2

What is the Insular?
What is Glance Avoidance?
What is Toxic Threshold?
Transit police pointed me ~ in the wrong direction

Proud boy in jacked up truck
Angry Stew
Picture perfect no blue
Grey Adaptations
Color as Challenge
Color as “All the things you can’t have…”

Bitter Stew
Chins Jut
Sharp cut hair
Glassy eyed stares

Traveling the fiefdom
some by beer ~ some by beauty ~ some trying to be Cinder Claus
or no cause, no affectations, “Don’t know the keywords son”
Refusenik color effrontery blue sky flyin’
can feel childish lonely borders Failing as
the river doth accept
passes to ocean

oh Fiefdom demonstrating impermanence
oh Bridges which time out the drivers
but awkwardly the creak of cable and metal and…
Tipsy Day! A flip of steel skirts
Hello Bow, Goodbye Transom

Pursued, purloined, and left for starboard
Tired shifting sands, demands of glands
Honking geese crashing the feast
Fair angels all looking for a place 2 land
As Bodies craving dirt mudra blossom puja

Oh so many times loved you?
Oh body tremble near you?
Oh one sun entranced by myriad moon phases

First Impressions of Portland

dear whoooo,
its early evening, saturday night may 22, still light out
im in a cafe in portland, in the NE “alberta arts” district of portland

when i got here there was no one here.
about ten minutes later these guys with acoustic instruments straggle in.
they start playing.

a few minutes after that a cloud of girls comes in,
and they are now dancing and prancing to the music -
which is classic american 20s 30s down home music
- not cheesy or forced.
the singer has an incredible sincere voice.

You Are Not Alone

Not alone in room but the cafe life,
the in the mix life, the
look up theres another beauty life

yes by screen but no so different from
concentration on paper writing scribe arts
or the dizzy swing of brush on compressed
canvas square or
all the other crafty arts beguile

concentration! specific!
materials! directions!
how to mix ground mineral for paint
how to shade, how to finish, how to present
many details…. which fall away…..

So not the office life, the groomed strife
the knock off cologne, the mortgaged suit

rowing row row, what if never
row rowed
would i
know know
what the worn oar knows?

ha ha the little mouse
ha ha hot tea
ha ha poesy tinder
ha ha the final line

======= notes =======
real people with beating hearts and warm breath post + read. 

High Life

Magnetic Boom Attractor
Listening Room Bristlin’ Detractor
Pimp sunset game gone bye
Oh Baby I see you in the Window
and You Just cry cry cry

again with the Blonde Head hari rama
cofee to go, samsara - rama
wring it like a wash clothe jump
wear it like a kitten
remember my goodbyes heart guides pump

what state and what harbor?
what direction magnetic or true?
blaze of my glory intrigues your andlers
blur out all the good words and
mumble the blest

Kurt and me through Dappled Eternity
Band plays some favorite things
Stylish end of pretty hippy daze
Cartman and Stimpy District Rescue

I rock the table!
I make the world unstable!
They’re knockin’ down my cups
Your joyous ability to give

L’eau a la bouche
Its a slow cha cha
second base is mouth watering
People are Vicious - to a man in a Paper Suit

Now i’m looking at you…
now i’m looking through you….
I was thinking of old memories
They are like guests who come and leave


With a group of sailors
I’m in a large row boat
I see you on the farther shore
I can’t leave you but i dont know
if I can jump
into the water, jump
and swim back to
arrive on that far shore
penniless, no possesions, half dead
and would you even be there?

the boat pulls farther
and my heart yells *jump*
as soon as i hit that cold water
i know i’ll never make it
but i swim, i swim to you

the vision of love, feeling of love
carried me through those waves
but as my spirit grew stronger
my body became weaker and grave

oh i’ve been tossed in this life by waves
and i’ve tried to get through
and just when i thought i was free
I realized i wanted only you

with love there is no death
just a passage of time
my heart knows the journey
and has waited for the sign

those waves did carry me
to that farther shore
that boat left me behind
my body consumed by the sea
washed up on the sand
my spirit finally free

its not for you i wait here
it is to honor love
its not your body i revere
its not your pretty hair
its not your face i remember dear
its the way that you care

Flip flip flip goes the boat
Down down down go the men
we all died that day
but i was first to reach the shore

(all that is past is like a dream
all that is to come is unseen)

was it worth it they ask?
to die without goodbye?
was it worth your living
to die with regrets of the past?

after the ignorance, all is forgiveness
after the fall, look back up to the stars
after the abuses, all is healing
Dig this good earth once again

International Bound

new york london madrid
flying cloud realm
los angeles paris amsterdam
fashion bubbles captured crystals

rome cannes barcelona
tastes swimsuit sea salt
fiji montauk ibiza
her stained cocktail dresses

sicily provence geneva
first class wrap
sausalito miami cuba
maid service amnesia

Love Leap

good news making me sick
heart opens to heart ache
some girls that i respect but dont love
some girls that i am not sure if i respect but completely love
believing in a fever dream and then realizing the fever will go down
sex too fast is such a mistake, but also answers questions quickly

not sure where what why
tired of being nice and soon will not need to
another broken heart and no one will care
give give give so that someone else will share

small still voice says to be patient
feel the pain
feel the pain
feel the pain


One pointed * food grasp * apoproximate
meals to be provided -> forthwith
Would you meanwhile tend to the pins ?
that are holding the spokes of the wheel
on the wagon holding the family

yes and could you protect the jar ?, which
holds the rendered fat, from the animals
tended on a farm we left pushed
down this road, by God’s fierce gaurdians
gathering and bonding us together

Rolling… under cover of cloth & wood & steel
Rolling… the wheels which fix with
a pin to the spoke

cotton kerchief for sweat
cotton shawl for modesty

hands that will never forget
how to listen to wheels spoke

lips that remember
how to speak truths unspoken

they took our farm
our spirits love unbroken


Respect means holding hands sympathy
When there’s a lot at stake
Gentle steps offerings make
Humility uplifts, tips, giving thee to me

No thats not it at all
A man in a navy coat buttons polished
Polished for you Love, for you
Walks the town square alone

But never alone Love with Pledged
to spirit never occupying deaths bed
Alone in your eyes, Lonely no more
Just takes a while to reach the door

Oh, I am a Dreamer Love
and in dreams never alone
so to walk through that door with you
to truly feel again the wave and heft all through
my spirit flown a beauty to you
back through that door
Holding your Hand

so familiar

what am i trying to write
or so to shake off?
who and what and fears say?

trust trust trust
trust spirit within
love glorious sacred intertwining mysterious

life lived traumatic cycles
prayers created simple clarity
share truths - i respect you and step back
not to avoid but to give you space
and in that space offer tenderness and strength
whisper a prayer of encouragement in your ear
care for every pain your heart has endured

you are so familiar love
deep prayers manifest
hard roads, trials, respect slowly polished
till - compassionate grace
in a flash - hearts recognition
through a mist - awakening times together

i’ve always known your smile
i’ve never tired of holding you close
loving infusing desires until to love is grand, mythic, simple

how do i know?
giving to you is sacred joy


Mackrel slime escalator lubrication
star shine catapult burned carcass
Owls sing headlines engraved transistor
blonde hair of twins twined

Stone cellar spilt wine stained
A cat licks stained steps polishes
smooth with scratchy tongue
Looking up sees mouse just one step above
continues to lick the stone steps smooth

Woman rides to escalate her
white dress madonna or red to dye?
Grits teeth, she knows the fisherman intimately
holds belly, stifles tear, buys a little black number

Arisen contraption punts the oyster
in haloes factory discarded super toys
Rent paid with silenced boiled cabbage
She will return in 30 days - mister.

======= notes =======
respect to gregory corso

Friday after Thanksgiving

Words are flying out some insolent box of letters
and muses sometimes often keep yappin’
Launch T.A.V., file finding dig detail
whooosh under us water tata talks
whoooosh as the light of life wonders about —- you!

there are still awkward moments & bags of garbage
there will be sweet accomplishment
which modifications on reality will you choose?
move deftly, clumsily, gracious gracio girls
move deftly, clumsily, gracious gracio girls

Boy rums down the street trying to make some money
Cab rolls over to him ~ real slow
scene shifter finder commander networkable
twitch refresh eye bath heart embrace

Oh again with the Deer? seriously man
          can’t you even try to fit in?
Woepires are all the rage this year
          can’t you even try to fit in?

move deftly, clumsily, gracious gracio girls
move deftly, clumsily, gracious gracio girls

Newspaper headlline: ITS ALL BEEN SAID BEFORE !
And can you ever guess our nations latest whore?
Hoops & spectacle; horses strong, deft hooves
just don’t stand behind the horse kid - i’m tellin’ ya!
no seriously they will eff you up in the side or you head
no seriously don’t
are there any horses in the room? no ? yes ?
cause, you might want to look around….

Newspaper Headline: RAIN! WHY NOT?
twas simple and would have to suffice
tea was served, coffee besides, brandy later
or was her name Persephone?
aw look how cute - the greek scribe is scribbling

almost had to turn a corner
start every day with pissin vinegar?
no no no - do not confuse things.
don’t mix points with sharps with marshmallow patties

its just a wild garden flower so hey there buster we all know that whoever engages in song poesy
is supposin’ there is a human heart that is beating with this breath, and if you meet me this far
then we meet again fore-dained
in time


Thrown out here; artificial strawberry
GFE, rhymes, accents, beauty
Beauty so why write? concentration…

Gazing actively plaid skirts grey
Flowers divine realm appearances

Animal skin mallet wrapped old
   Wood composing
Wind up the Doll and she’ll tell you

Old father wizened, hues relative beauty
Back alert to all, Roar Ready
Deliverance new age justice
Mush so much * Ass coughin’ lean
Direction Linger Beauty

Jesus on another pages, free load her
Watch dog ~ appire readily over a zone
Shift ~ Tide ~ Wind
Pressure manifesting as Detail View have house

Just down tones massage fields responses harmonize reality accessorize

Moving Displays Hunger Need filling oh
releasing oooommmmmmmm

Looking me me hun greed
Drink melt gaze over lord
Gaze over long, gaze in economics
Future funds course of treasures to dismay
give, cherish

Proven Futures
Diamond Ring Flash

I Love Girls Who

I Love Girls Who…

I Love Girls who talk too fast
I Love Girls who make me laugh

Walking waterline reflecting…

I Love Girls who care for kids
I Love Girls who take sips of your drink
I Love Girls who are too loud
I Love Girls who flutter through crowds
I Love Girls who love to serve
I Love Girls who know a man deserves

I Love Girls who do that dip
I Love Girls with a Grin on their Lips
I Love Girls who don’t complain
I Love Girls the others call *insane*
I Love Girls who most so fast
I Love Girls who juggle tasks

Walking waterline -- reflecting
Row absorb -- a perfect view
Feel with my Heart -- Connecting
Then the Angels -- Sing my Heart

And then lay me down to Sleep -- shhhhhhh
A beautiful secret -- I can barely keep

I Love Girls who bring sexy back
I Love Girls leading Butterfly Attack
I Love Girls who carry a Prince
I Love Girls ~ Rain Charm Glint

Walking waterline -- reflecting
Row absorb -- a perfect view
Feel with my Heart -- Connecting
Then the Angels -- Sing my Heart


Time spent practised; marching
Standing, waiting ~ nervous looks
Anxious. Where the Star? Not Me?

Rustle in the Bush…
Was it Wind? or a Predator??
Wished upon dissolution of boredom
the sharp flashing of teeth tearing my flesh
the Art of my Blood, the uncalled for extremes
of Pain & Surrender and reward of Bliss

The Tiger as Revealer, as Releaser
Release from Boredom, From the Long Marches
across Fruitless Plains, the giving it to Panic
that has Possesed you Always; the nervous rustle
Was it a Breeze?
Are those Eyes? gleaming in that bush?
Looking at Me? Will i be led to that
Place Beyond Fear?

Boastful Machination ~ Proud hunger for Meat
Predator graceful, polished teeth, long strides
Personal Space Bristle
Twitch Synapse Meat Ennervation

I was a Tiger
Sullen, moody, gregarious
Sharp, Fast, Relentless

More just harm to myself and others
Need a Power socket to plug in to
A church to spin, an incense bowl, chained
Swing the Chain Tiger!
Swing it and smell incense wafting

Burn and spin, the smoke pushed outward
Tiger makes a breeze while spinning
Dizzy, sure that finally “something” is Happening
“oh yes this is it!!”

“Yes I am spinning & dancing & the incense
Fills the Cathedral and now everyone will know
yes they will realize ~ how dynamic and spiritual and beautiful Tiger is!
Yes they Fear me because of Tiger paws, Tiger stripes
but now they will have to recognize

“Well this Tiger is pretty cool, yes?”

“He seemed quite Banal, but we misjudged him.”

“Look at him spin the in the Cathedral.”

why they will declare ~ its almost a dance

“Darling…did you see that Tiger in Chuch today?”

And Tiger will be respectable, Feted even
Tiger will be both primal strong And cultured And spiritually profound
I will redefine Tigers ~ Forever

As the tiger slept
his eye twitched
his tale twitched
and a Fly, Fed on the Raw Meat
dripped from Silvery White teeth
slowly gnashing

Now - This is Important

Now - This is Important
Songs From The Heart
Simple, Still, Tremulous

Vibrating Slip Tearrey
Blurred. Holding Hands. 
Smiling through Loss

Bitter Sunset. Sailing 
Free. Simple Declarations
Balanced with Songs of Whimsy

Played real good for free. Lee shore. Wooden ships.
Liz Isenberg.  Hawk & Sparrow & Boats & Birds

Paris 1883

3 Angels Approached
Pet the Dog
3 Angels Transfixed
See the Little Dog

See How he Sits Up
Dark Glasses Slipping Down
See How he Plays
3 Angels were Amazed

I played Guitar
Pick Hits Strings
Upstaged only by
The Little Dog Who Sings

He’ll Bark - And Call you Over
Bark - And Call You Over
Come - and Smell Fresh Clover
A Minstrel - and Company

======= notes =======
guitar chords: d & am  

P & Q

At the starting gate blind blurred swoon

in between con, herb comes round, gathering poetry, gather the moss

hello this moment, hello our fears

Mr. Allen Ginsberg will to continue to be called rail squawking baby doll dressed beauties

everything will now start with “J” and we will explore the hard and soft variations on the sound, ~ Mantra

blessings to Uncle Sam

give them a bolt of wine, explain the difference; what to do, not to do 

sailors. travelers. clever golden haired.

when i was a Lad, i had gold in my hair

Day after Night after Day

Avian Marketing

Follow the Flock
Identify Emerging Flock
Groups of

Beating Hearts And Desires
Beating Hearts and Desires
beating Hearts and Desires

Migrating, Quick Silver,
Laura(e) Gold, Epiphany
Usefull and Ness, Flickererererer

Gates Fall * erode * smoooooooooooooooooooooooothed
Gates Fall * erode * smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooothed
Gates Fall * erode * smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooothed

Identify Emerging Flock
Never HIde from the Window
Let your Love Protect Sk-auY

Cam Paign

One more - Pulled back lord
One more - Pulled back lord
Please try not to think so hard
Tribal Fears - in those eye
Round to another - Then come true

Flippin’ Nonsense Creatures
I need to know - how committed
Over Flowing Glasses of Wine
Dappled Light - Sweet Sun —- Shine 

I need to know - how committed
Or who in there - is in charge
Its not a matter of Life & Death
Just Snakes - in - your - hair

Hitchin’ a Ride - Whisper in your Ear
Give a little Nip - Then they Dissapear
Do a Whirl, Do a Dance
Set out on a Long - Cam - Paign 

Just scared little Indians
Emotionally Constrained
Fathers Guilty World - Shoulders Stained

I cried when i wrote this song
So Please Feel Free To Cry Along
Tender Hearted Misery
Tears Reveal Clarity

My Clothes are Dirty
My Feet are Numb
But I’m still Breathin’ so Sing Along

I - You - In - Tune
I - You - In - Tune
I - You - In - Tune

One More - Pulled Back Lord
Please Try not to think so hard
Tribal Fears - In those eyes
Round to another - then cum twue

Hitchin’ a Ride - Whisper in your Ear
Give a little Nip - then they Dissapear
Do a Whirl - Do a Dance
Set out on a - Long - Cam - Paign

I - You - In - Tune
I - You - In - Tune
I - You - In - Tune

======= notes =======
respect to poets artists writers musicians of ancient past present & future

im press ar eee oh

Im press ar eeee oh
Flame red cry eee oh
Non start fly free oh doe

Im press ar eee oh
Pin the tail on the Sky eee oh
Princess scene rye eee slow

Im press ar eeee oh
Leslie rotate cloud eee fro
Conjure her moon ohhh she knows

======= notes =======
when read aloud draw out the vowel sounds 

`'-.,_ Floating Arts Club ..,_`'-.,_.^.^.^.^

'-.,_( `'-.,_ you have everything you need-.,_( `'-.,_-.( '-.,( '-.,_( `'-.,_

         ^^      / | \
            ^^  /  |  \
               /   |   \
      ^^      /    |    \
             /     |     \
            /      |      \
           /       |       \
          /        |        \
         /         |         \
        /          |__________\   8|-                   .-''''""""-.
       /        ___|______     o   |         __       .'         @  `.
      /_______o/__________|___/|___|         \ `.   .'  .....      ___;
      \    oo    ooo oo oo         \          \  `''   ;              :
    _5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-._5""-./   ..    `---'       .' _5""-.
                                             /__.'  `-............-'
_      _      _      _      _      _      _      _
_     _     _     _     _     _     _     _
_    _    _    _    _    _    _    _    _
 _       _      _       _      _      _
( `'-.,_( `'-.,( `'-.,_( `'-._( `'-.,( `'-.,
 _    _     _      _
( '-.( '-.,( '-.,_( `'-.,_                                             
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