Most So Fast


when you feel the room shiver
and your knees to shake
know the game of tag is underway
and a dakini soon will take
a smile, a fall, her clothes off
or anything at all

   to get your attention
   and hold it fast too her
   cause a dakini most so fast
   you can even see a blur

in strange country
in borderzone
between lonely and generous
lies dakini roam

   a crazy eyed beauty
   verbs and tenses blitz
   somewhere in the middle
   of her awesome -its

cause pleasure is a drug
that few can dispense
and pleasure without object
painfully intense

   giving without taking
   is a crazy cattle call
   see them all a dancing
   like ~~~~~~~~~ da - ki - ni

kini kini kini kini kitty kini
kini kini kini kini kitty kini

gonna be shaking
honey off of me
gonna be shaking
like a once returner

   when you’ve spent it all
   at the company store
   you’ve bought a once returner
   and when you’ve stolen a fools bread
   then pity the once returner

in a virgin dakini word witch
whatever you want you can
have because i’ve been teasing
all the once returners

   mister didn’t you build a wall
   to keep out the hungry
   and mister didn’t you build a wall
   so you could spy on me?

dakini - bikini - her tits
sent me into fits

   You’re a once returner
   Coming back for more!

kzin kzin kzin - me

in the town there was a baker
and the baker’s daughter said
daddy I know you’re the best baker
and everyone buys your bread
yes i’ve been looking up to you
since the day that I was borne
but daddy i’ve got an idea
that will make us all once returners

   and in my dream i did smell
   something most divine
   that all your bread pans
   were filled with sticky buns of mine

going from the common
to a higher clientele
trading ordinary heroes
for the banal

   yeah sometimes i wish
   I’d never had that dream
   yeah sometimes i wished
   I’d shut up instead
   cause it takes so much more sugar
   to keep a sticky bun fed

all the once returners
gathered round and said
i’d take another fall
to eat those buns and rise
from the dead
hey wait - what did i wish?!
i’m no longer
a once returner



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