Dirty Loads



end of may 2015 DL #dirtyLoads

i posted a picture of a flower
caught the fancy of an irish girl her
smile shining through thousands miles
then tripped down clouds real eyes

saw a busker follow a drunk
shoot a lama trying to frame a monk
listened to a wizard turn comb filter
birds like to flutter above tide silter

the play the play the play is the thing
to jeopardize an anchored boat to sing
or threaten a gazelle for its horns
pump action jock strap battered by thorns

oh the rose, the rose, the rose is the thing
we lift our hearts and to the angels i thee sing

#Dirtyloads you don't understand this April 22 2015 DL

#Dirtyloads you don't understand this
throwing quarters like a mad scientist
#Poetry flowin', dryer spins
Cleanse Without
Forgive Within

Chased a chaste nun
was casting Fish chum
Buried a surgeons bone
Quick stars stumble home

my voice an echo on ear drums
shout but you can't hear, your mind stunned
by demons who prod you with impossible dreams
you'll win the race they whisper
while you're sobbing on your knees


she was a pet who could fasten her own leash
proud of her collar ~
black leather brawler
mirror bound persuasions
buffet sample sensations
almost human but not relations
scarred by her parents sex frustrations

now she lives on the end of a chain
once a month she feels something and lets it rain
the dogs in the kennel start to Howl
ask Ginsy who's feeding Carl Solomon now?

hand written messages Dirty Loads 2015 #4

hand written messages
massaging your ventricles
biological phantasms
tantric suppressed orgasms

hold the jar adore
whisper faithful ignore
drunk tiger retiring
straight shooter who was lyin'

there is a field and a man that plows
there is a woman dead who allows
a veil to ripple when she glides by
trailing pixies and sprites so shy

this lot is alot locken
this door bashed in is broken
try the head nod - mutter "please?"
bite the ankle fang poison release

then in slipped into deep coma
she strides by diamond shines roma
tattered wing angel Y its beat Corso
picked up my hand mutters sew peace or war sew

Is on baby! Dirty Loads 2015 #3

Is on baby!
I got extra loads
telling stories never been tolds
After you dry...
baby you better folds!

i saw her - she's not like the rest
she did the dip - now she's undressed
for my eyes ; declaring exclamation
only for me - homies on vacation!

i'm so swerve thats suave plus nerve
she's so frine thats french plus fine
sucking on a daisy she's pulling petals
lips like plum, and i've gone mentals

commander arrives - stand up tall
my words flow like yes yes y'all
got a dirty figure down to my drawers
my soaps is Holy like Lou Rawls


With all - around
With round - a time
With time - a jest
and round a round around

turning till dizzy
dizzy till her see
then we will free
the honey from the bee

i didn't sing - i wrote sing song
i didn't grab ya - i hold ya like ole King Kong
really didn't want to show off or flaut
better dry my loads before Peter casts me out

dirty loads make out session

its a make out session in front of me
when i was a kid had to go up a tree
didn't know what i was missing
when everyone was k.i.s.s. kissing

piles laundry in front of my machine
going dirty loads on your mine
thats a dualistic tub of suds
as the girl stares, turns, glassy

that bags says "dirty" in rough letters
i need a t-shirt like that
rough lettered magic marker
the word dirty scrawled
like a redneck declaration

young girl dares me not to look
so i look. someone somewhere is
staring - glaring - wondering ?
at the best of intentions winning
how could he? with a shirt called dirty?

cleaning the cracks of my silk suit
dapper arrangements - now the world
is young. stillness. pages.


I can move if you need
swings knees, as threads climb
in my nose. climbing.

maybe hand over hand
the rocks clatter slip
heart beating hands shaking
how did i get on this cliff?

solitary page

solitary page standing tall
delipadary concerted chemical swab
she stiffly neck held arms smooth
they talk of shows appearance fees

there is no excuse to render the fat
no lye would cleanse the flicker rate
appreciate my numbness
or you would perish alone this
stuttering threats internal dialogue
who is the witch warned?
what is a yuga Kali Krazy?
smell of cigarettes reassuring
they excused Paris burning
poisoned with Mercury
Venus weeps

======= notes =======
go to a laundramat  
do your laundry
write poesy
talk to the people
carry your loads
quarters never quit

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