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Forget everything. Open the windows. Clear the room. The wind blows through it. You see only its emptiness, you search in every corner and don't find yourself.

Then open yourself. Let the human person come forth. Breathe in the air and the silence.

A small bird flew out of a near-by chimney, perched on its edge, looked about, soared, and flew away. It is no ordinary bird that flies out of a chimney. From a window on the first floor a girl looked up at the sky, saw the bird's upward flight, and cried: 'There it goes, quick, there it goes!'' and two children at once crowded to her side to see the bird.

Never again degrade yourself to the point where you become the battleground of a struggle that goes on with no regard as it were for you, and of which you feel nothing but the terrible blows of the warriors. Rise up, then.

Sit in a train, forget the fact, and live as if you were at home; but suddenly recollect where you are, feel the onward-rushing power of the train, change into a traveller, take a cap out of your bag, meet your fellow travellers with a more sovereign freedom, with more insistence, let yourself be carried towards your destination by no effort of your own, enjoy it like a child, become a darling of the women, feel the perpetual attraction of the window, always have at least one hand extended on the window sill. Same situation, more precisely stated: Forget that you forgot, change in an instant into a child travelling by itself on an express train around whom the speeding, trembling car materializes in its every fascinating detail as if out of a magician's hand.

Usually the one whom you are looking for lives next door.

The alarm trumpets of the void.

all quotes from:

The Diaries of Franz Kafka

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previously: Kafka Castle

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